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What is Virtual Communication?

At least 80% of corporate presentations are delivered remotely, and many are done on video. Like it or not, the world we live in is going virtual. The faster you get on board and learn to connect and build trust through a camera, the more effective – and productive – your business relationships will be.


Stage Harbor provides one-on-one intensive training sessions that will make even the most skeptical executive more at ease when communicating virtually, whether preparing for a critical webinar or improving every day skills. Amanda and her team deliver tangible skills and techniques that will teach clients to prepare for, deliver, engage and respond in a virtual environment.


Our proprietary, video-based eLearning course, e-RAVE (Effectively Reaching Audiences through Virtual Engagement) trains your employees to effectively communicate on camera in a virtual environment, using a specific set of skills and techniques. e-RAVE will teach your employees to be engaging virtual communicators with measurable skills.
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Your employees will learn from and love our interactive, lively, virtual communication workshops that employ the principles of the e-RAVE training course. Bring your employees together to learn to communicate effectively in a virtual environment — and have fun doing it!


An interview with a reporter can make or break a company or an individual. The keys to effectively communicating your message are precision and preparation. The most qualified media trainers are those who, themselves, have spent thousands of hours in front of the camera with reporter notepad in hand. Our team has decades of experience. Let us help you interact naturally and convey the message you want the world to hear.